Since the new year registration of land will fall in price twice

17.11.2010 10:11
Since the new year activities of cadastral engineers (those conducting the work of surveying and land valuation) will be strictly regulated. Justified by the catastrophic scale of the violations revealed in the recent past. The most common of them - an error in the calculations, sloppy paperwork, red tape with a turnaround time. All this eventually leads to failure in the formulation of land in the state. accounting. And the price of services is often beyond reason.<br /><br />The main reason for this state of affairs experts perceive that inventory activities in Russia to this day is not licensed. Factor of corrupt monopolies has also played an important role.<br /><br />Andrew Ivakin, Director of Real Estate Economic Development:<br />- Today, land management activities are not licensed. Body to control this activity, too, does not exist. In addition, a great influence on the high cost of the work to establish the boundaries of land has a very high degree of monopolization of the market.<br /><br />Local authorities employ a limited number of "court" of firms engaged in cadastral work, meticulously finding fault with a carved cases that produced the rest.<br /><br />Special hopes are for 2011. From this period, the situation could change. It is assumed that the incoming from January 1, by virtue of federal law "On State Real Estate Cadastre" establish clear and transparent rules.<br /><br />For example, now every cadastral engineer will be required to have a special certificate, registered in Rosreestra. To obtain it will need to pass multi-qualifying exam.<br /><br />However, even the fact of the certificate does not provide the engineer to the lack of control. Its fate in the profession will depend entirely on the results of his work.<br /><br />Excerpt from the Law "On State Real Estate Cadastre":<br /><br />- If 10 cases will be drawn carved denial to the attention of the state cadastre of real estate or in a statement on state cadastral registration, the qualification certificate of the engineer will be withdrawn.<br /><br />In addition, all cadastral engineers will have to either take shape as individual entrepreneurs, or the number of firms in the state inventory. But the most curious, that they introduce a kind of "mutual responsibility".<br /><br />Following the example of the chambers of notaries or lawyers' guilds, cadastral engineers should be organized in the community. And if one make a slip, but could not compensate the loss, will pay all. As a result of natural selection on a plan of the legislators, "healthy" engineers will destroy non-professionals as a class.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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