Sexy models in three times raised the selling U.S. realtors

13.09.2010 15:31
The American company Peters & Associates to increase the sales of real estate marketing firm tried to move - the photographs selling houses and apartments there sexy models. Judging by sales growth, the idea was a success, writes with reference to the Housing Watch.

In the boom period 2006 - 2007's the company Peters & Associates was first to market among sellers real estate in Charlotte. Then came the collapse of the market and property sales in 2008-2009, declined sharply. The owners of Peters & Associates Nick and Miriam Peters decided to revive its marketing program for the original solution.

Couple was spending thousands of dollars to attract models, clothes and cars to provide photographs of their properties in a more favorable light.

The company operates in a segment of real estate with many prominent and wealthy people - professional athletes, coaches, entertainers, executives and other dignitaries. Their demands for comfort and prestige is very different from the average buyer of real estate queries.

Buying experience for customers of four Peters begins with a meeting at the airport on an exotic car, then transported to the client a luxury resort for a relaxing holiday or a private club for golf. After a refreshing rest client is ready for inspection of luxury homes.

The company conducted a study of the behavior of visitors of the site, analyzing the time of viewing real estate with the usual photos. Visitors to this listing view it from an average of 40 to 60 seconds. Visitors stylish living listing "with models (lifestyle photos) considered it an average of 4 to 6 minutes.

Statistics suggest that the more time a potential buyer spends on studying ads and photographs of him, the more likely that it will interest this property and he will ask to show it.

The result of these revolutionary ideas was 300-percent increase in sales of luxury homes from the company last year.
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