Several companies of illegally seized property in a military town of Kharkov

13.12.2010 17:00
Property News | Several companies of illegally seized property in a military town of Kharkov General Directorate of Military Prosecutors General Prosecutor's Office revealed the facts of misappropriation of property at military camps in Kharkov.

The report explains that in 2007, official data entity Ltd. signed acts of transfer MOD 23 apartments in Kanev (Cherkasy region). And 59 apartments in the village Novofedorivka (Crimea) worth 19.46 mln. However, no rights to this housing society had no flats and Defense Ministry did not pass.

In late 2008, official persons Ltd appealed to the Economic Court of Kharkov region and on the basis of these conveyancing Ministry of Defence of apartments by the courts have acquired ownership of 49 buildings and structures of the total area of 15.6 thousand square meters. m the residual value of about 5,2 million UAH, located in Kharkiv on 36 hectares of three military camps.

The press service of the Prosecutor General stressed that such illegal actions contributed to the negligence of servants of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of Ukraine, who did not check the availability of these LLC the rights to housing, failed to take necessary steps to make state property rights to these apartments for the Defense Ministry, signed the acts of admission Apartments that do not actually received.

General Directorate of Military prosecutor Prosecutor General of Ukraine on these facts instituted two criminal cases under Part 5, Art. 191, p. 2 art. 367, p. 2 art. 425 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Conducted pre-trial investigation.

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