Sevastopol has adopted a program of reform and development of housing for 2010-2014

19.01.2011 10:54
Property News | Sevastopol has adopted a program of reform and development of housing for 2010-2014 The program adopted the reform and development of housing and communal services of Sevastopol 2010-2014. will accelerate and substantively address the problem of the city as a potential city budget and the state, said the head of the Sevastopol city state administration Valery Saratov. As he said, speaking from the rostrum of the City Council time to discuss at the next plenary session of the program for reforming the utilities necessary to solve the main question - who is the owner of apartment buildings.

"The main thing is to hold down the owner of the house, so people figured out how this house today contain. In addition, the house that must be transferred to the balance of the Company condominiums (SDMX), must be repaired. Without this, we issue the owner of houses can not be solved ", - said V. Saratov.

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Regarding the situation with emergency houses, he noted that "solve the problem of damaged houses while it is impossible due to lack of funds in the budget, so for now we will propose a program of public housing. The city takes care of all that is connected to networks, land acquisition and will try to establish a minimum price per square meter, so that state employees could buy the apartment. "

"Then we will offer to compensate for the budget-half or three quarters of the price. This issue will address the deputies ", - explained V. Saratov.

Talking about one of the possible sources of funding - compensation to the city for use of land to Russian Black Sea fleet, he said that "today, at the rate of land tax of 1%, the State has fulfilled its obligations to the city in matters of compensation for the stationing of the Russian fleet at Sevastopol lands."

"For the same increase this compensation, we have made proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to the methodology of calculation of compensation is not tied to the rate of land tax and a rental rate", - said V. Saratov.

The mayor did not rule out the possibility that at addressing housing or other programs, borrow from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, however, believes that "the city of today is not able yet to return the money with interest."

"Once we have built up a development budget and determine that 10 percent of the budget can be given to repay the loan, then you can really solve the problem of credit" - concluded his speech the Head of Administration.

All in all this day the City Council was adopted on 8 regional programs.

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