Rent for the land in the Kiev region raise

15.09.2010 17:45
Property News | Rent for the land in the Kiev region raise Rent for the land in the Kiev region want to raise to 12%. This was announced today at a press conference the chairman of Kyiv Regional State Administration Anatoliy Prisyajnyuk. He explained such intentions by the fact that many tenants and holders of shares not use the land for the intended purpose or used inefficiently. According to him, the owners of such sites, which relied on the liquidity of land and increase its value today does not want for her to pay taxes and rent.

The official said that before the end of the year, we will analyze these plots. "Moreover, we now conclude the revaluation of land and the rent will have to pay considerably more. Those who ponabirali his rent and did not do it. We are on such land is just going to set maximum interest rates - up to 12%, "- he warned.

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Now, as reported by A. Prisyajnyuk, many thousands of acres leased from the state at a rate of 0,5%, and there are areas in which still is gathering documentation, resulting in the territory are used but not paid.

Also, according to A. Prysyazhnyuk, governors have already returned the state ownership of such sites and is not going to stop there. "We have abolished more than a thousand decisions, about ten thousand land returned, but today they are still in the courts" - he said.

"Those lands that were distributed to 100, 200 ha and is not used, not processed, we will select them" - warned A. Prisyajnyuk.

Also, according to an official in the region in the Polesie area there are about 100 thousand hectares of free land in state property. "I will say this: who will win, he wins. 2-3 years and there will be no land, "- he warned.

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