Rent for a period exceeding 15 years may be the first stage of land reform

05.10.2010 10:15
Property News | Rent for a period exceeding 15 years may be the first stage of land reform To hasten the sale of agricultural land in Ukraine is not worth it, because farmers have not felt this rent for the land, said Vice-Premier Boris Kolesnikov. "The first phase can be rent with the guarantees for a period of more than 15 years, which can serve as collateral," - he told reporters on the sidelines of the 7 th annual meeting of the Yalta, writes Interfax.

According to him, when this term lease will be guaranteed and the investment and the rent to peasants.
B. Kolesnikov also said that he supports the development of large-scale commercial agriculture in Ukraine, with an emphasis on animal husbandry.

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"Today Ukraine can produce 100 million tons of grain (per year), export price of grain - $ 200 per ton of meat - $ 1,5-2 thousand per ton, per kg of meat to 3 kg of grain. Ukrainian GDP in agriculture for from intensive livestock production may increase by several times "- he explained his position.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that the problem of markets for Ukrainian farmers is missing, as the world's population is growing faster than food production.
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