Relatives of senior officials has been «donated» 9,8 ha near Kiev

05.11.2010 07:45
Property News | Relatives of senior officials has been «donated» 9,8 ha near Kiev In the Kyiv region set the illegal allocation of Lesnikovskaya village councils 9,8 ha of forest land to private ownership in 1933 the citizens of Ukraine. Прослушать На латинице This was during a briefing at the Ministry of Internal Affairs said today the deputy chief of department of financial and economic security, Alexander Soloviev.

Disposal of these zemuchastkami the competence of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In this case, upon signature forgery in the contract of sale of land in s.Lesniki criminal proceedings (Part 1 st.358 Criminal Code of Ukraine).

As part of a criminal investigation revealed that the land area of 9.8 hectares, in violation of applicable law, thanks to the assistance of former senior officials of the previous government, removed from the State Forest Fund and donated to the private property of 33 Ukrainian citizens for residential development. "It was found that among the new landowners were relatives of those same former senior officials," - added Mr. Solovyov, but still refusing to name specific names.
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