Registration of title to real estate in 2012 called into question

24.03.2011 12:57
Property News | Registration of title to real estate in 2012 called into question Association representatives BTI believes that the entry into force of the new order of registration of real estate in 2012 will entail a lot of confusion for property owners and the state. Recall, February 11, 2010 the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On state registration of rights in rem in immovable property and encumbrances, which resulted in the law is fully contained in the new edition, which prescribes that the January 1, 2012 registration begins Property justice agencies in the State Register of real rights on immovable property (State Register of Rights).

Representatives of the BTI, for his part, expressed great concern about whether in 2012, this system normally earn. While there is every reason to say that most likely, from January 1 next year in property registration comes complete chaos, because that can not be free to perform any action with real estate.

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Moreover, representatives of the BTI believes that without their participation, registration of rights to property in Ukraine is impossible. According to them, in the changes to the law completely ignored the experience of domestic BTI and attempt to learn from someone else (in particular, Germany, Russia, Georgia and Estonia), to the Ukrainian realities are not applicable.

Parallels can be carried out in this sense only with Russia, but there is an attempt to, figuratively speaking, to do the registration of property rights without loss ended BTI registration data gaps in the information and the partial return of the passage of time to continue to experience.
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