Reform of the construction industry provides for the establishment of the urban cadastre

18.11.2010 10:24
The concept of reform of the construction industry provides for the establishment of the urban cadastre. This was announced at a press conference, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Construction Association, "The Lion Partskhaladze. Leo Partskhaladze recalled that the creation of the concept initiated by Vice Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko, and that created a special working group on reform in the construction industry.<br /><br />The reforms aim to reduce the time of obtaining a warrant for the construction of 415 to 50 days to cancel the session for the land, as well as care of the coordination with fire protection, Sanepidemstantsiey (SES), Committee on Ecology.<br /><br />"Any company would be coming for a building permit and get help with a resolution ... all these permissions will engage local councils ", - emphasized A. Partskhaladze.<br /><br />According to him, in the concept plan to create the urban cadastre, which must be traced all the objects, their purpose and communication. This concept was based on Georgia's experience and adapted to the Ukrainian conditions.<br /><br />"I wish that as soon as it (the concept) was ... if it will be for 6 months. - It would be cool "- wished L. Partskhaladze, RBK-Ukraine.<br /><strong>RBC-Ukraine</strong><br />
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