Raider seizure of land around the Blue Lake

05.07.2010 11:10
Property News | Raider seizure of land around the Blue Lake Representative of the President of BP with the support of senior management and officials Obukhov district shall raider seizure of land around the Blue Lake.
This spokesman garden society "Arsenalets Sergei Berzin anti-raider and chairman of Committee of Ukraine Andriy Semididko at a press conference in media companies' InformAlyans. According to them, the new "owners" are planning a further increase in building area and land at the expense of suspending part of the reservoir. According to C. Berzin, "Arsenalets" fighting for the garden adjacent to the cooperative land, where vacationers enjoyed 25 years. "This was our beach, people came from Kiev, rested residents of neighboring villages," - he says. Moreover, according to C. Berzin, a society for many years made the application of the local administration with a request to consolidate the territory for "Arsenaltsem", but each time been denied. "This is the land for public use, it can not be subject to privatization and leasing, - says Sergei Berzin. - However, it issued four acts of land use, then these sites have been resold, and the owner was representative of the President of BP Yuri Miroshnichenko. The latter, according to Berzin, gave instructions to determine the boundaries on the ground, and then sold two plots Kutsavolu Andrew, who began to learn the territory. A representative of Arsenaltsa "added:" We block the works, and from that point we started our struggle to ensure that the beach does not become the property of one person. " According to Sergei Berzin, these actions are illegal, because the land itself on the purchased site is absent, and for further work a considerable area of the lake has to sleep. At present the company has sent more than 100 papers in various instances. "However, due to the fact that the top sits Yuri Miroshnichenko, all instances reset our queries on the lower level, and as a result of all this comes in Obukhov district, where no steps to protect the lake do not take" - said a representative of the Arsenaltsa. According to the chairman of the anti-raider Committee of Ukraine Andrei Semididko, administrative authorities "nod at each other and say that they can not influence the situation. Loading esprit de corps of deputies, district administrations. It's called corruption, and if the representative of the President in BP Yuri Miroshnichenko handles such cases, it does not dye the top management of the country. "
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