Privilege - in every home

31.05.2012 13:05
Property News | Privilege - in every home The government expanded the range of candidates for the improvement of living conditions, which can get a mortgage just under 3% per annum (loans are issued at 16% per annum for up to 15 years, but 13% of this rate are compensated by the state). According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers № 465 of May 23, in the "Order of cheapening the cost of mortgages to ensure affordable housing for citizens who need to improve housing conditions" made ​​important changes - now the average monthly income of the borrower and his family should be up to 10 monthly salaries (29.42 thousand UAH for Ukraine, 45.92 thousand UAH for Kiev), whereas previously the threshold was limited to five average salaries (in Ukraine - UAH 14.71 thousand).

These changes explain in Minregionstroy need to eliminate social injustice.
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