Pleased to support the first reading of bill on tehinventarizatsii Estate

04.02.2011 10:01
Property News | Pleased to support the first reading of bill on tehinventarizatsii Estate The Verkhovna Rada endorsed the draft law on accounting and technical inventory of real property rights are subject to state registration. The bill, approved in first reading on Thursday, 320 people's elected representatives, aimed at ensuring the effective development of local government to manage the complex economic and settlement of its operation, and management of housing and communal services and the development of investment activity in the building.

The bill aims to provide information relations by tehinventarizatsii immovable property to the Bureau of Technical Inventory to determine their composition, the actual area and volume, condition, inventory cost, and registration of objects by their descriptions and personalization, among other types of real estate.

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The bill defines concepts such as immovable property, a house, dwelling, non-residential premises, rent, utility room apartment, a store-room apartment building, commercial building and construction, estate, single property complex, and several others.

Under the bill, accounting and technical inventory subject to homes, buildings, installations of all kinds, as well as their complexes, engineering networks, bridges and civil engineering works, transport facilities, whose construction is completed and are accepted into service in the prescribed manner in the presence of the Technical Inventory prepared by the Bureau of Technical Inventory.

In addition, the bill proposed to establish that the organization and provision of accounting and technical inventory of immovable property shall utilities - the bureau of technical inventory. The bill proposes to define the powers of such offices.
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