Parliament banned the building houses about 100 meters from the shore

03.12.2010 00:02
Property News | Parliament banned the building houses about 100 meters from the shore The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on which the coastal zone of large rivers and reservoirs width of 100 meters is a protective layer and is located in the state and municipal property. Used this land can only be for the purposes set by the Water Code. Also, a law was passed in the sizes and boundaries of coastal buffer zones of reservoirs. In particular, the law stipulates that coastal protection strips are established on the land of all categories of land besides land sea transport.

At the same time expanded the list of facilities on which construction is permitted within the coastal protection belt of seas, marine and estuary inflow.

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Also, it was determined that in addition to sanatoria and other therapeutic institutions with mandatory centralized water supply and sanitation within the coastal protection belt of the seas can also build military and other defense facilities. But prohibits construction of any structures within the beach zone of coastal shelterbelt than hydraulic, hydrometric, and linear.

Mode of limited economic activity provided for coastal protection zones, set up and on the islands.
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