On reserve land Zhukova island under the guise of health centers have begun to build houses

01.02.2011 16:14
Property News | On reserve land Zhukova island under the guise of health centers have begun to build houses Zhukov island will be built. Ukraine's Supreme Court put an end to the struggle for the island, refusing metropolitan prosecutor's office, which wanted to reverse the decision of Kyiv City Council, which reduces the area of the reserve eight times. Now, the island full-scale construction. The scandalous decision to reduce the area of the reserve from 1600 hectares to 196 hectares had been accepted by the majority of Leonid Chernovetsky in August 2007. Status of the reserve is prohibited to build. Now, under the guise of medical rehabilitation centers and horticultural cooperatives here erecting suburban restaurant complexes and cottage houses.

Zhukov on the island heard the sounds of chainsaws and axes. Long green fence fence off the coast protected from prying eyes. Several workers end up tinkering fence. "Boss? Do you think we see it? But the land he will definitely not sell and do not ask. There will be a restaurant, saunas, cottages for tourists "- told us builders. Meanwhile, huge KamAZ now and then are imported sand to the construction site. Sam sand taking in a career at the end of the island. Restaurant going to build next to the already constructed country complex recreation Tracker "and" Dnepr Riviera "on the street. Lute.

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On this street Kyivrada allocated fifteen plots from 2002 to 2010-th. "There is no free land, in the summer and come to the water just will not approach", - says the builder.

We were advised to travel in the opposite direction, closer to the transition on the island semiconductors. "The forest was considered a nature reserve, but also have all sold out. Build a wellness center for the alleged "victims of Chernobyl," and can not come close. Yes, and not for any "Chernobyl", a plate povisela - and they removed it, and the trees all cut down "- says one of the truckers Andrey. Building itself is littered with thick green mesh and barbed wire around the club that none of the curious photograph could not. And where the construction can be seen from the hill, grid hanging in two tiers. Log protects evil shepherd.

For the green grid could consider construction equipment, several wooden house, more like a restaurant, cabins and cottages.

A little further on the island is concrete fence, smeared with black paint. "He half-timber isolates. Local residents have repeatedly broken it, paint written protests. And they are again reduced. We say that this land was taken for Oles Dovgy, Secretary Kyivrada ", - said one of the Summer Resident Olga.


Lots to beetles were distributed in 2002. Among the happy owners there Charitable Foundation Leleka - children - he singled out 22 hectares in 2007. On the sidelines Kyivrada the fund associated with the Secretary of Kyivrada Oles Dovgy. But the Dovgiy we said nothing to the site and to the Fund itself is not. "I do not understand how such information could take" - he said. One of the sites in the 6 hectares, stood a certain OOO AB-Medgrupp ", which was attributed to Alexander Prognimaku, ex-deputy of Kyiv City Council. But he, too, his involvement in the denial. Now the owner of this company - the Cyprus offshore.

Most of the plots allocated to the already known "scheme" horticultural cooperatives with nothing to speak the names of "transport worker," "Medical Equipment", "Forest Town," "Railroader" or ordinary citizens. Soon all of these sites proved sold to the right people.

Posing as realtors, we phoned one of the owners, V. Stepanovich, who got the site back in late 2009, the lute, 58-K. "We would like to purchase your site. How much do you want for it? We are very interested. " "The site has long sold out, it belonged to my son," - replied the host. "And maybe the neighbors want to sell. We watched a lot of sites were allocated on the island, pay any price "- we will not surrender. "I do not know, I think that everything is sold" - he said.


Land at Zhukov island included in the list of two and a half thousand questionable sites to the new metropolitan government was going to check and return the ownership of the city. They had been arrested, and in many protests made to the prosecutor's office. Test involved Glaucus land KSCA. According to the chief cupola Victor Petruk, all materials have already been transferred to the "authorities". True, a long list of extinct 500 sites, which are recognized as legitimate.

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