Of regions proposed to deprive Госземагентство a range of powers

02.04.2013 00:15
Property News | Of regions proposed to deprive Госземагентство a range of powers The examination of the projects of land management and land valuation can become voluntary.
People's Deputy Oleg Tsarev (the Party of regions is registered in Parliament a bill N2642, which requested a review of the conditions of development of documentation for land management and land valuation at the request of physical and legal persons. Document deprives Госземагентство authority for conducting expertise of programs and projects in this field, writes the League.

As writes Kommersant-Ukraine in the article "the Earth is removed from the examination", this procedure is invited to make a voluntary service will provide the certified engineers, land surveyors and state cadastral registers. The possibility to control the requirements of the legislation they have in 2012-2013, when there was a deregulation in the sphere of works on land management and assessment, and earned the State land cadastre.

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Thus, in the opinion of Oleg Tsarev, and will be removed administrative barriers - the state examination Госзема. Term of its realization, according to the law, should be up to 20 days, and the fee is 3% of the estimated cost of design and exploration works.

Recall that five years ago examination was mandatory for all land. Now in the framework of the law "On state examination of land management documentation" mandatory testing and analysis of projects for compliance with the land norms and standards is carried out for a limited list of lands, in particular for land from the category of especially valuable, forestry purposes, the water Fund. Expertise shall be subject to the technical documentation for бонитованию soils (evaluation of the quality of the land), as well as on arrangement of territories of settlements.

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