Obukhov became a regional

12.07.2010 17:19
As the head of the press service of Kyiv Regional State Administration Sergey Kosinov, providing Obukhov status of regional significance does not mean that the city became the administrative center of the region, as many commentators have written. "This is totally different things," - said Kosinov. Прослушать На латинице For information: The Verkhovna Rada Obukhov classified to the category of cities of regional importance. For this decision 382 deputies voted out of 432 registrants. Earlier Obukhov was a city district level in the Kiev region.<br /><br />Meanwhile, as reported by the Governor of the Kiev region, Anatoly Prisyajnyuk, currently competing cities to the status of the Extension of the Kiev region and has made presentations to the deputies of the regional council. The final decision going to take this fall.<br /><a href="https://zagorodna.com">zagorodna.com</a><br />
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