Nikolaev has sold the land. To 27 hryvnia.

26.04.2011 12:29
Property News | Nikolaev has sold the land. To 27 hryvnia. At the fifth session of Nikolaev City Council of the sixth convocation with virtually no debate and discussion have sold 264 000 650 square meters of land for 6,808,000 087 UAH. That is, the average cost of a meter of land sold was 27 UAH. 72 kopecks. The largest portion went to "Company" Evrovneshtorg: 236 000 067 square meters for the database maintenance of agricultural products on the street Aivazovsky, the organization bought at a price of 23.72 USD. per square meter.

Note deputy Sergei Isakov that the price is very low, it remains unanswered: Mayor just shrugged and MPs unanimously raised their hands. Maybe this is the place accommodating because we are talking about a colleague: "Evrovneshtorg" belongs to the deputies of the city council of a "strong Ukraine Anatoly Blaschuk.

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Another 26 000 197 square meters of land for non-residential care facility for Heroes of Stalingrad Ave sold Ltd. Interagrotrans. Prices per square meter - 32.44 UAH.

4 more plot sold to citizens in different parts of the city: 104 sq.m. on the street. Navy, 43 and for the maintenance of a dwelling house (for 47.12 USD. per square meter), 60 sq.m. to serve non-residential premises on the street. Admiral 4A / 1 (300.6 USD. per meter), 1025 sq.m. to service car wash on the street. Stepovoy, 2-a (96,15 hrn. per meter), 1197 sq.m. to serve non-residential premises in ul.Terasnoy, 13a (201.26 UAH. per square meter).
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