Near Kiev will quality 3 star hotel

16.08.2011 13:25
Property News | Near Kiev will quality 3 star hotel In Ukraine, there will be hotel-level "three stars" or less with a higher level of services. The construction of such facilities will be vigorously pursued in the next few years. This was reported in the company LigaBusinessInform Archimatika.

"Building an economy hotel will be in the sleeping areas of the city and suburbs of the capital because of the low cost of land in these areas. Designing such hotels and construction time doing this kind of investment attractive", - said Alexander Popov, director of the project team Archimatika.

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With regard to a range of services, new projects will offer a more comfortable living conditions: parking, layout and content of a competent number, the higher quality of service issues, a set of extra services.

Today there is an increase in the number of projects of hotels with rooms and apartments up to 80 numbers the level of "three stars" or lower. The quality and range of services such objects will be higher than those presented on the market today, the expert said.

"In Kiev and its suburbs there is a lack of economy-class hotels. In fact, that tourists who travel for business not to prefer to stay prudent," - he says.

Economy-class hotel located mainly in the Crimea and the Carpathians, and in central Ukraine, which also attract tourists, such hotels at least. Sector-level hotels "three stars" and below is blank, and in Ukraine is mainly represented by objects with very low maintenance and a small set of services. Therefore, the demand and the current deficit will activate offer.

According to experts, holding finals of Euro 2012 was the impetus for the construction of a low-cost hotels.

Recall the main part of hotel facilities in Ukraine do not meet the stated category, and those that are under construction, was not originally planning their "star". This was stated in the resort Ripario Hotel Group.
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