MPs provide unfair eviction taxpayers on loans for housing

01.11.2010 17:33
Property News | MPs provide unfair eviction taxpayers on loans for housing In the near future will be submitted to parliament a bill on amending some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the protection of the rights of creditors and consumers of financial services ", which among other things, provides for eviction of people from housing, including small children, if the property was purchased for credit funds. This was stated by one of the authors of the draft People's Deputy Yuri Poluneyev during a meeting of the Financial Press Club.

People's Deputy said that this will happen only by court order and subject to the provision of new permanent housing for those evicted. "If you leave the norm that the family could be evicted from the shelter and did not foresee how and where the family will continue to exist, the possibility of passing such a bill through the parliamentary hall is zero", - said the deputy.

Poluneyev noted that the court, not the legislator will determine from which resources to provide social housing for the person who should be evicted.

Among the potential legislative innovation, dubbed Poluneevym that would have strengthened the rights of consumers of financial services - ban all consumer loans in foreign currency; prescription in the loan agreement of all elements of the cost of credit (services, insurance, commissions, etc.) the possibility of early return of loans without additional sanctions, etc.

The idea, in particular, ensure "evicted" from the shelter and let the worse, but still suitable for living room reacted negatively Chairman of the Board of Finance and Credit "Vladimir Hlyvniuk. Banker sure that in this way "we are going toward populism" because "an irresponsible person would go into banks to their friends and take out a loan countless times just to get housing from the state."

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada has banned financial institutions that serve stewards of funds for financing housing, raise funds for investment of the facility before the developer gets in the prescribed manner a building permit, the publication reported, "Mirror of week".
"Mirror of week"
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