Ministry of Regional Development intends to double the cost of cheaper mortgages in 2013

08.06.2012 13:30
Property News | Ministry of Regional Development intends to double the cost of cheaper mortgages in 2013 Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing intends to initiate in 2013 an increase to UAH 2 billion state budget funding of partial compensation of interest rates on mortgage loans by the state for the population to 3% per annum. "Next year we will be talking about the same UAH 1 billion (budget expenditure in 2012) and 1 billion USD for the continuation of this program," - said the head of department, Anatoly Bliznyuk.

The Minister also noted that the Verkhovna Rada a bill which, inter alia, provides for the Budget Code of the protected items of expenditure for citizens goskompensatsii interest rate on your mortgage.

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A.Bliznyuk added that the compensation to the borrower interest rate means lower-level managers by transferring funds to his account on the basis of representation of the lending bank will be transferred within a month.

Recall that the mechanism of reduction in price of mortgage loans worth no more than 16% per annum provided for up to 15 years at UAH, suggests a partial compensation actually paid to the borrower per cent to 3% per annum at the expense of the state budget, provided in a given year.

The list of real estate, including construction in progress, acquired under goskompensatsii interest rates on loans, supplemented by unrealized stroyobektami introduced into service after 2009, the advantage - a loan for young families with children and the "waiting list", and the borrower's income must not exceed 10 times the average monthly salary.

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