Ministry of Interior initiated 523 criminal cases in the land sector for three months

09.11.2010 16:42
Property News | Ministry of Interior initiated 523 criminal cases in the land sector for three months In July-September 2010, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine was opened 523 criminal cases, 22 of them on the facts of bribery of officials in the exercise of government functions in land area. This was stated by Head of financial and economic security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Shamray during the briefing, the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs, wrote reporter.

According to him, for crimes committed in the land sector convicted 27 people, returned to the state for more than two thousand hectares of land. "In order to initiate the submission of indemnity 427 protests for the return of land from the illegal use and possession," - he says.

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Shamray said that in the Crimea was a criminal case based on fact-checking performance of one of the chief of the regional offices of Environmental Inspection, which published the findings on the harmonization of land management projects on land allotment in the Yalta mountain-forest nature reserve in the property for residential construction.

According to a report in respect of the Head of Environmental Inspectorate a preventive measure - arrest. With a further pre-trial investigation in the framework of this criminal case in order st.115 Code of Criminal Procedure also arrested the chairman of the said village council.

"A criminal case on the audit of performance Alushtinsky chairman of the City Council. He was elected as a security measure - arrest" - the report says.

As a result of an official of the Yalta City Council conclusions were drawn on the harmonization of the provision of property to citizens of land for construction of residential houses, commercial buildings and structures on the lands of national importance. "The total cost of the plot is more than one million hryvnia. Relatively elected official measure - arrest" - the report says.

Exceeded the authority and official authority officials Alupka City Council during operations on the allocation of land recreational purposes in the territory of a special child sanatorium im.Bobrova.

"In Crimea, a criminal case on the results of checking compliance with the law of the land for construction in the center of Yalta, on the territory of the park is used. The actions of officers of this company for allegedly hiding" reconstruction "of the three-storey building, with a small three-storey house is a 16-story" - the report says.

According to the Division Head of the Department of Financial and Economic Security Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Yatsyk, in the Kiev region there is an investigation no less resonant criminal cases on illegal land alienation.

According to him, in Kiev set the illegal allocation of Lesnikovskaya village councils 9,8 ha of forest land (which is within the competence of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) in private ownership in 1933 the citizens of Ukraine, on the fact of signature forgery in the contract of sale of land in sec. Foresters criminal proceedings (Part 1 st.358 Criminal Code of Ukraine).

As part of a criminal investigation, it was found that the land was removed from the forest fund and donated to private ownership in 1933 the citizens of Ukraine for residential development.

According Yatsyk, more than 500 court decisions were handed down by judges of the court of Borispol. "Now on land, which cost, according to preliminary estimates, more than 22 million hryvnia, the arrest - he said.

As previously reported, in 2010, most crimes involving the receipt of bribes in the field of land relations, opened in the Crimea, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Transcarpathian, Zaporozhye, Kiev, Lugansk, Lvov, Odessa regions and in Kyiv.
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