Lugansk expand the boundaries of the city at 9,296 thousand hectares

09.12.2010 15:48
Property News | Lugansk expand the boundaries of the city at 9,296 thousand hectares Master plan envisages to expand the boundaries of Lugansk City on 9,296.0 hectares. This was during a briefing the deputy mayor of Lugansk Manolis pilaf. In addition, in the land the city suggested that the land Krasnodon and Lutugino areas, namely: Aleksandrovsk, Jubilee, pos. Dzerzhinsk, pos. Greenhouse, Factory, gravelly and luxurious. The fact that these settlements are located in close proximity to the borders of Lugansk and indeed their people enjoy the social, transport and other infrastructure of the city.

The city planned high-rise building in free territories: in Artem area - a residential district, "West"; in the Leninsky district - the neighborhood "Marevsky" residential area "seen" (neighborhoods № 3,4,5). Also planned to reconstruct the town Shorsa, New Town, a standard town in Lenin and Zhovtnevoe areas. The total number of new housing in the city will be 3285 thousand square meters, the volume of annual input multi-family housing construction will make 100 thousand sq. m.

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In implementing the above-mentioned volume of construction of housing will increase by 1.3 times, and at the end of the billing period, will amount to 12.6 million sq ft of total space.

General Plan also provides for reconstruction of the first district in the area of the railway station and the fourth quarter on the street. Soviet in the area of the hotel "Druzhba".
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