Litvin: Question on the sale of Ukrainian land can be taken to referendum

25.03.2011 07:32
Property News | Litvin: Question on the sale of Ukrainian land can be taken to referendum Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn disappointed with the results of the parliamentary hearings on land reform, and believes that a referendum on those issues government should come out with a ready stance. "I'm disappointed, I expected much more," - said V. Lytvyn during a press conference on Thursday in a. Pliska (Borznyansky district, Chernihiv region.) Commenting on the results of the parliamentary hearings held on Wednesday in Parliament, during which they discussed the issue of land reform in Ukraine, Interfax wrote.

The speaker said he expected the parliamentary hearings that while they held a serious discussion of the risks that exist today in matters of land. V. Lytvyn noted that the parliamentary hearings "have once again demonstrated that we are extremely powerful in the statement of facts."

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Lytvyn also expressed the view that bear on national referendum on the issue of land sales can be. "I think you can predict and what are the results of this referendum," - said the speaker.

According to him, when a state or action groups find it necessary to consult with the people, as a consequence - the referendum can be predicted.

The speaker also noted that if such an initiative to hold a national referendum will be offered, then you need to register initiative groups, then have to be collected 3 million signatures, whereas in 2 / 3 regions of Ukraine should be collected not less than 100 thousand of signatures, then president of Ukraine should declare the referendum. "But I think today we have to find consensus on the level of decision-makers at government level, and then go to the people", - said Vladimir Litvin.
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