Land in Nikolaev more expensive three-fold

28.01.2011 10:39
Property News | Land in Nikolaev more expensive three-fold At the session of city council deputies to approve a normative monetary value of land in Nikolaev. According to a new value, 1 square. m of land is 216.39 UAH. and taking into account the indexation factor for 2009 - 229.157. At sesії mіskoї for MP learn by heart Regulatory penny otsіnku lands pm Mikolaєva. Zgіdno novoї vartostі, 1 square. m zemlі koshtuє 216.39 USD. and is urahuvannyam koefіtsієnta іndeksatsії for 2009 rіk - 229.157. According to the Head of Land Management, Oleksandr Moroz, to revise the monetary value of the law to every five years, while in Nikolaev currently the acting normative monetary valuation of land, approved in 2002 and is 75 UAH. per 1 sq. km. meter.

In support of this decision was made by MP George Rogov from the party "third force", which stressed that from the normative assessment of the land depends on the price of rent and sale price of land in Nikolaev. He also asked for a protocol decision to investigate cases of commercial resale allocated city land for which the price per square foot increases by about 8 times.

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Suddenly, against the increase of regulatory monetary value of land made by deputies from the Front zmin ". Oleg Mudrak suggested that the decision would lead to a large number of termination of contracts, and Alexander Zholobetsky altogether predicted a social explosion.

- The adoption of this assessment will lead to an increase in rent by 70%. We are faced with massive non-payments and social explosion.

However, Rogov retorted that the decision to increase the regulatory assessment of land need to take when thinking about the overall economic development of the city, not the momentary tinkering around the edges of the city budget.

As a result, a majority vote a new normative monetary valuation of land was accepted and shall enter into force on 6.1.2011. The session was also voiced figure of expected revenue to the city budget to increase the regulatory assessment - 60 million hryvnia.
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