KSCA provided a list of problem facilities to be dismantled

14.03.2011 12:36
Property News | KSCA provided a list of problem facilities to be dismantled Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) has provided a list of eight buildings, which city officials believe that the most resonant. The erection of these facilities may be suspended, and the building dismantled. As reported at the headquarters of urban planning, architecture and design of the urban environment of the Kyiv City State Administration, the list of the most resonant included eight construction projects. Among them, an elite residential complex Fresko Sofia Str. Gonchar. Its developer is LLC "Investment and Construction Group." There are problems with the office and shopping center on the street. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 7 (builder - OOO "Alliance Center), as well as an apartment house on the street. Silk, 39 / 1, whose construction company engaged in Zhytlobud. All properties are located either on the territory covered by the monuments of architecture, or historic district, or in the park.

In addition to these objects in the list were: 46-storey residential complex on Klovsky descent, 7a and 18-storey house on the street. Turgenev, 42-44 (builder - Zhytlobud "), the object at the intersection. Revutskiy and prospectus Bazhana; restoration of the add-attic houses on the street. Franko, 4, and reconstruction with an add-on museum lane 2.

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Problem building in Kiev attracted the attention of city authorities in late 2010, then the public is actively opposed the resumption of construction of a building near the metro station "Theatre." At the end of January 2011 the chairman of the KSCA Alexander Popov said that city officials compiled a list of suspicious objects which may be demolished, regardless of the degree of readiness. Later, however, Popov said that the most controversial buildings have all the necessary permits, including those relating to their number of floors and architectural design. Therefore, to ban the construction is possible only in case of compensation payments totaling about 1 billion USD, while the city has no such facilities.

According to lawyers, the legal grounds for such action at the KSCA bit, and owners of facilities in the event of demolition may be eligible for substantial compensation.

In turn, the KSCA claim that the list of problem facilities provided by the publication of the Directorate General of Urban Development, is far from complete. With customer sites that are built in accordance with permits, KCSA will hold talks on reducing or removing storeys of the building. As for the facilities built with violations or without proper documentation, it is planned to bring the case to apply the sanctions provided for by law and to stop the construction.

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