Kievans masse to get rid of "nonresident" investment

17.02.2010 11:54
Property News | Kievans masse to get rid of "nonresident" investment Impoverished Kievites recently lost interest in the housing adjacent to the capital regions, which are for speculative purposes actively bought before the crisis. <div style="text-align: justify;">Now become redundant apartments, villas and plots in Vinnitsa, Zhitomir and Cherkassy massively sold off, reducing the price of local real estate markets, than decide to get some money for election residents of regional centers.<br /><br /><strong>Zhitomir at bargain price</strong><br />Zhitomir apartment since the beginning of autumn dead weight provisevshie in databases of local realtors, went into operation. Deputy Director of the Academy of Sciences "City" Sergei Ovdiychuk said that since early January townsfolk finally began to conclude the deal, though before long, and eyeing lingered, expecting that prices will drop even more. After the second round of elections, when it became clear that the sharp rise in the dollar will not happen (according to the calculations of potential buyers, it should have been a strong argument for knocking out additional discounts from vendors) selling intensified. In the agencies say that if a couple of months ago, they concluded no more than two or three transactions a week, now fixed them every day. According to Director of the Academy of Sciences "Master" Sergey Ryzhkov, the number of customers increased by 30-40%.<br /><br />Feels at the Zhytomyr market and the influx of "political" money (in the region were very active not only the headquarters of candidates, and printing companies that have managed to take over from Kiev rivals orders for the manufacture of arms). If the end of 2009, local residents were buying mainly cheapest "unity" cost about $ 22-23 thousand, but now a lot of money for the campaign and can not afford to buy two-, three-room apartment (worth $ 30 thousand and $ 37 thousand respectively) or even multi-room apartments (from $ 40 thousand).<br /><br />Now databases Zhitomir Realtors, there are about 5 thousand ads for the sale of apartments, insist the experts. But potential buyers, despite the revival of demand, at least half. Nevertheless, homeowners refuse to bargain, and some have already begun to raise prices. Since the beginning of the year the average "unity" has risen in price by an average of $ 2 thousand Realtors believe that the market dictate its conditions to the owners Resale allows almost complete absence of competition from sellers of new housing. Today in Zhitomir virtually no offers to sell not only homes "from the builders, but also the resale commissioned in the last two or three years of objects. After the last new building was commissioned in the city two years ago, and new projects are not implemented. Three construction projects in the streets Vatutina Peace and neighborhood Karbutovka frozen until better times.<br /><br />However, look for an alternative high-rise construction in the private sector, local residents are not in a hurry. Interest in land and houses is minimal, which helps them to further reduce the cost. Prices of plots from the beginning of the crisis fell by four to five times: in 2008 weaving of land within the city limits cost $ 5 thousand, it is now - $ 1-1,3 thousand But in the Bohun (Peace Street) prices are below and start from $ 800/sotka that explains the bad location sites (in the spring they are often flooded). Realtor database overcrowded and proposals for the sale of unfinished homes, which are exhibited on $ 70-80 thousand for a house of 200 sq. and 10 hectare of land, which is two to three times cheaper than in 2008 before the crisis in large houses erected Kievans, taken a liking to the picturesque area in the neighboring area. Now they are trying to get rid of the subject property, but buyers in the queue is not crowded.<br /><br /><strong>I got some money Cherkassy</strong><br />Since early December last year revived the demand for apartments in Cherkassy. According to the director of a local agency "Business Partner" Basil Savranenko, if in the autumn months in the city was an average of 50 transactions since the beginning of winter - 250. And in the first place headway road segments (3-4-room apartments with repair cost of $ 50-120 thousand) and the middle class ( "dvushki" of $ 28-35 thousand) housing. This sudden surge in demand Realtors attributed to several factors: a certain part of the residents were able to improve their financial situation during the election campaign, while others were able to take deposits in banks, the timing of contracts many of which had expired just this year. "Traditionally, popular in the regional capital and one-bedroom apartments are worth up to $ 20 thousand, but they are in the proposal there is little, and exhibited care options within three to four hours" - said Mr. Savranenko. The owners have already responded to this trend. Over the past two months the price of a standard one-and two-bedroom home increased by 10-15%, said deputy director of the estate of the local Academy of Sciences "Zorya Zorya, Nina.<br /><br />New, by contrast, are not in demand. Now realtors offer apartments in ten buildings commissioned. But the price of 5-8 thousand UAH / sq. m potential buyers are not satisfied. "They are willing to pay no more than 3,5-4,5 thousand UAH. per square, but the facilities for such a price is not. Recently sold the last apartments in new economy class in this price category "- explains Realtors.<br /><br />Dead weight hung on the market and the inheritance of Kiev "- lots and homes in the picturesque places on the Dnieper. Now they are quite actively sold, but the lower prices the owners in no hurry, exposing the land at $ 4.10 per thousand sq.m., that only 20% below pre-crisis price. A similar situation with mansions: cottage in the 200 square. with 10 hundred square meters of land sold for $ 250, and the mansion area of 300 squares with a design repairs could cost up to $ 700 thousand, which is actually consistent with rates in 2008 Moreover, these objects are hanging in the real estate databases have at least a year. Experts believe that the turning point will be next season, starting in March, predicting a fall in prices for 30 - 50%.<br /><br /><strong>Vinnitskie new buildings are empty</strong><br />Living in Vinnitsa, conversely, took a break. If the beginning of autumn the demand for housing, according to executive director of the local Academy of Sciences "Quarter" Basil Haulyaka, increased by 12-15%, but now trades became noticeably smaller. Those who are still trying to solve the housing problem, are interested mainly in the cheapest studio apartment in sleeping areas (Podolia, Slavyanka, Cherry, Middle Zamosc), as well as on the outskirts of the city, Kizhilove. Most potential buyers as the main selection criterion called the price level to $ 28 thousand for that kind of money in Vinnitsa can buy except a one-room Khrushchev.<br /><br />Inertia buyers are increasingly forcing sellers to make concessions. While prices remain stable property Vinnytsya, Basil Haulyak said that no bargaining is not is almost none deal with a buyer can expect to save up to $ 3 thousand, representing about 10% of the apartments. However, many owners not to sell too cheap, remove their facilities from the market in anticipation of more favorable pricing environment, so the choice of housing was noticeably smaller.<br /><br />But in the new buildings have a variety of proposals. According to Vasily Haulyaka, at their base in only one region of Podolia of 12 "-bits", 25 "dvushek" and several dozen two-bedroom apartments have already commissioned homes. Their price starts from 6,4 thousand UAH / sq. m. In addition, we construct several new facilities in Kizhilove at Slavyanka and in the Middle Zamosc, where there is an opportunity to purchase housing on 5,7 thousand UAH / sq. m.<br /><br />Before the crisis, Vinnitsa built up quite actively, which largely contributed to interest in housing in the city of Kiev. In the wake of record growth in demand for metropolitan housing many of them, desperate to buy an apartment in the city, invest in real estate acquisition in the neighboring regional centers in order to sell. High demand has led to Vinnitsa several major developers ( "Київміськбуд", TMM) and contributed to construction of a short and several dozen new sites in the neighborhood Podolia.<br /><br />But now interest in Vinnitsa home from Kiev extinguished. The local residents, given that the "unity" of the construction cost at least $ 4-5 thousand more than in Resale, in no hurry to execute the transaction. As a result, even put into service for six months, or even a year ago, new buildings are sold only on the third. Significantly reduce the prices developers are not ready: with the beginning of the crisis on the squares of the primary go down in price no more than 10-15%.<br /><br />A similar trend is observed in the land market. The most liquid areas in the so-called Tsarskoe Selo and the neighborhood Slavyanka almost sold at prices in 2008 ($ 10-12 thousand / weaving). Ironically, the buyers are, and the Kiev-bags were replaced by local entrepreneurs. At the same time to invest in less popular areas of Vinnitsa (Korea, Pyatnichany, Old Town) have fallen in price twice and are set at $ 3-4 thousand / weaving, and in suburbs (Zarvantsy, Pisarivka, Yakushintsy) can find a plot and a $ 1 thousand / weaving, which is three times cheaper than the year before.<br /><em><br /></em><br /> </div>
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