Kiev region - the leader in terms of housing

16.11.2010 12:59
In January-September 2010. Ukraine was commissioned 5.2 million square meters of total living space (up to 57% more than in January-September 2009).. This was reported by Goskomstat. Including in Kiev during the period 576.5 million square meters of housing built (by 37,7% more) in Kyiv region. - 648.5 million square meters (on 61,8% more), in the Lviv region. - 418.4 million square meters (by 63,5% more). Together, these regions accounted for 31.8% of the total volume of housing construction in Ukraine.<br /><br />70,7% of the total volume of new housing in January-September 2010. was introduced in single-family homes (3710.3 square meters) apartment buildings put 29.2% of all housing (1532.2 square meters) in the dorms - 0,1% (5,5 thousand sq ft). 42.8 thousand apartments built, the average apartment size was 119.8 square meters The share of three-bedroom apartments was 25.4% (average apartment size - 108.6 sq m), two-room - 24,1% (73,4 m).<br /><br />During the state budget is 14.7 square meters is built of all new housing (up to 20% compared with January-September 2009).. Share of dwellings imposed by these funds amounted to 0,3% of the national amount (at 9 months of 2009. - 0,5%).<br /><a href=" "> </a><br />
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