Kiev city council has simplified the process of renting out property of a territorial community of Kiev

13.09.2011 15:31
Property News | Kiev city council has simplified the process of renting out property of a territorial community of Kiev The deputies of Kyiv City Council adopted a "basis for" a draft decision approving the lease of the property provisions of the territorial community of Kiev. "For" such a decision voted 94 out of 96 city council members. As the speaker on the subject head of the main municipal ownership of city administration, Dmitry Parfenenko, this document amends the existing order, functioning since 2006, which "is hopelessly outdated."

"We brought in line with current legislation, the law" On Lease of State and Municipal Property "norms of the current situation", - said Parfenenko.

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The main differences of the proposed order from an existing one lies in the fact that this solution identifies new landlords. "In accordance with the law" On Lease of State and Municipal Property, "Landlords are relatively complete property complexes, their divisions and assets of more than 200 square meters. - Is the main management of communal property, and respect the property of the district - district state administration. With regard to property less than 200 square meters - it's utilities and facilities, that is balansoderzhateli "- said the speaker.

Also, this solution provides market research, "which is to publish a full list of facilities lease in the printed media and to allow potential landlords to explore these sites and submit their proposals. "After that, - said the speaker - all objects are allocated rent in two. The first part of ... the so-called "commercial rent" ... In this case, the landlord is determined on a commercial basis, the landlord shall appoint the commission, which was created with the participation of representatives of the relevant committee on property and with the participation of representatives of the main management of communal property. The criterion for determining the winner - the largest proposed rent. The second part - a non-profit rental. This is in case the object of rent received an application or application received from the agency or organization which, in accordance with the laws of Ukraine have the right to receive theseRent without competition. In this case, the lessor determines the relevant committee on the property. Further relevant decisions approved by the relevant administrative act of the landlord. "

Also, according to Parfenenko will be significantly simplified mechanism of renting and he "becomes clear, transparent and open." Also significantly shortens the life of renting. "For example, in accordance with the current method, with the date of filing until the lease 8-9 months, and in the case of adoption of the proposed document, the terms are reduced to 3 months", - said Parfenenko.

It is worth noting that members of city council at the suggestion of deputy Alla Shlapak decided during the week to submit written proposals to the accepted basis for the document so that the next meeting of city council, scheduled for Sept. 22, to effect the necessary changes.


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