Kiev city council has established a commission to verify compliance KSCA officials in the land sector

06.05.2011 14:17
Property News | Kiev city council has established a commission to verify compliance KSCA officials in the land sector Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky city council signed a resolution adopted on March 31, to establish an interim supervisory commission on verification of compliance of Ukrainian legislation by officials of Kyiv City State Administration, General Directorate of Land Resources and the municipal union of green construction and operation of green space Kievzelenstroy. According to the document, which is published in the municipal newspaper Khreschatik, the main tasks of the Commission is the implementation of verification of compliance with requirements of the law officers of KSCA, PG land resources in relation to possible unwarranted and self-willed changes in terms of land lease contracts for their preparation, in the exercise of registration of leases land, public acts of ownership and constant use of the land.

In addition, the Commission must analyze the legal justification of the amount of the replacement value of green space, which is held Kievzelenstroem.

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The term of the commission - six months. Chairman of the commission appointed Sergei created Krimchaks (Secretary of the Standing Committee of city council on land issues, Bloc Chernovetsky).

Its membership also includes: Igor Balenko Myron Kurilich, Alexei Omelyanenko, Valery Moshensky, Yuri Dmitruk, Valery Ishchenko, Tatiana Melikhova and Dennis Moskal.

Recall that last year the prosecutor of Kiev Yuri Udartsev in an interview said that despite the Cabinet of Ministers to suspend the allocation of forest land, the city council did not stop to land allocation, resulting in nine years the capital has lost more than 700 hectares of forest land.
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