Khrushchev in Kiev will not be demolished

18.05.2011 15:06
Property News | Khrushchev in Kiev will not be demolished So far there were no investors because of the mechanism of long-term return on investment in new housing construction money. Khrushchev demolished, at least, this year will not. Profile ministry and have not found willing to invest, according to UBR. Recall that in late 2010, the chief architect of the capital Sergei Tselovalnik himself called Kyiv "Khrushchev, who first had to go for demolition. The total area of ??this type of housing in the capital about 6,5 million square meters. m

Sergei Bronevitskiy, Head CA Institute of the General Plan, said earlier that Khrushchev in the capital budget money to invest is meaningless. In the Party of Regions stated that Khrushchev - "as if the temporary housing." Earlier, as the Summit stated that in 2011 in Kiev, like Moscow, Khrushchev will explode.

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Assumed that such an initiative will be interesting for investors, but this did not happen. Business to invest would not by a long a mechanism for their return. To resettle people, the investor must first build a house, move into it residents Khrushchev, and then build a skyscraper in its place, and already there - to sell the apartment.

Muscovites took this step because they have no land. They have nowhere to build today. Therefore, land is very expensive. Therefore, they made a decision and, as a pilot project, began the demolition of Khrushchev and put 16, 18, 20-storey buildings. In Kiev today such a necessity unavailable. There are neighborhoods. And now I live in Poznyaky. Today there is a neighborhood Poznyaki-2, where there is land to start building ", - said Yuri Hivrich, Deputy Minregionbuda.
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