Introduction of the Tax Code will lead to more expensive loans in Ukraine

18.11.2010 19:20
Introduction to the Tax Code can lead to a rise in price of credits and the reduction of small and medium business in Ukraine, said the first deputy head of the parliamentary committee on finance and banking Stanislav Arzhevitin. Прослушать На латинице Loans become more expensive due to the fact that introduced the theme common interest. I think it would be absurd is the average temperature in the hospital, "he said at a news conference on Thursday.<br /><br />According to him, the definition of taxation in the light of this tool will lead to unjustified generalizations. "Each loan - a single price, because there are certain factors and risks", - said S. Arzhevitin.<br /><br />In addition, the first deputy head of the Finance Committee noted that under conditions of redundancy will reduce the active-bank financial institutions and will contribute to the increase in the cost of loans. "Taxes will automatically go to the interest credit rate", - he stressed.<br /><br />Speaking about the taxation of income from the placement of funds on deposit, S. Arzhevitin said that until now has not formed a final position on the term of his administration: is still considered the possibility of early tax as from 2011 and from 2015<br /><br />In addition, he said, challenging the legal structure of the draft Tax Code does not allow to speak about the final tax burden on investors: the document states the rate of 5%, but in practice it may be longer.<br /><br />The parliamentarian also said that the proposed conditions of taxation of workers employed in small business, tightening of procurement of goods in small businesses, as well as tightening access to a simplified tax system can reduce the amount of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine by a third. "Internal Revenue Code - it at least 30 percent kill small and medium sized business", - considers S. Arzhevitin.<br /><br />However, he stressed that the position on taxation of wealthy citizens are still defined.<br /><br />As reported, Ukraine's parliament this week began to consider draft article by article of the Tax Code for second reading. It is expected that the Tax Code will be approved in general by the end of the week: This year, in time for adoption of the Tax Code, tied the course of preparing the draft state budget for 2011<br /><br />Interfax-Ukraine <br />
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