In Yalta, the land being built illegally LOD «Massandra

11.01.2011 17:33
Property News | In Yalta, the land being built illegally LOD «Massandra The Prosecutor's Office of Crimea challenged the legality of the selection for construction of almost 1 hectare of Yalta land belonging to the structural unit of LOD "Massandra. According to the press service, the prosecutor's office sued the FCA in the Commercial Court of the Crimea to invalidate the decision of the Yalta city council, according to which the winery "Livadia", part of the LOD "Massandra, terminate the right of use of the land area of 0.8 ha. Instead of agricultural land transferred for use for housing commercial structure.

The claims are motivated by the lack of prosecution from the local city council legal grounds for the seizure of land and change the target destination.
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