In Ukraine, will build a straw house

08.09.2010 00:00
The project houses the main building blocks which are blocks of straw, the architects created a National University of Water Management and Natural Resources. At the 8-hectare array in the village near the city of Rivne Radislavovka they planned to place 56 such facilities. According to the director of the cooperative "Lana Polesie Yuri Muliar, which will embody the development of a life plan is being implemented under the program of the regional organization" Ukrainian Association of Marketing with the assistance of the Canadian fund to support local initiatives.<br /><br />The authors make good use of the idea of drawing people's housing facilities using other environmentally friendly plant components, as well as clay and lime, and adapted the premises to produce them in the heat of modern energy saving technologies.<br /><br />From the usual material here would use concrete to fill the bases, pine and oak timbers, which will serve in the construction of overlapping floor and ceiling.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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