In Ukraine, can create «land militia»

25.01.2012 08:30
Property News | In Ukraine, can create «land militia» In Ukraine, proposed to establish a new supervisory body which will monitor compliance with the rules of land use and conservation of soil fertility - the State Security Service of soils In Ukraine, can be created by the State Security Service of ground - state agency that will monitor the preservation of fertility of soil, to assessing the quality and control the activities of land users. The existence of such a structure should ensure that the provisions of the draft law "On the ground, and their fertility," which January 18 was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada.

"We've had 20 years ago about the need to create such a body. During this time, no one did, on the contrary, the establishment of the State Security Service of ground in every way to block", - said Sergei Bulygin, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Agriculture Naan. According to him, to date, the state's role in ensuring sustainable land use drastically low. Particularly acute issue arose on the eve of the introduction of a land market in the country. "Private property does not automatically ensure the protection of agricultural land. On the other hand, international experience shows that without control of the state operation of the land rises sharply," - he said.

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According to him, before the land market should provide a tough and effective control of land users, regardless of ownership. "Every land user must obtain a certificate of quality on their land, which will be required in addition to the act on state ownership of land," - said Sergei Bulygin.

The purpose of the State Security Service of ground-state control to ensure and encourage the rational use of land. Among the agency's main tasks - creation and implementation of state and regional programs for the conservation of soil fertility, assessment of their quality control of land, as well as regulatory support sustainable land use.

Functions of the State Security Service of soil - the formation of public policy for the protection of soil, ground and remote monitoring of the quality of soil, protection of soil from erosion and other forms of degradation, the removal of sevosmen and conservation of degraded lands, etc.

State Security Service of soil will consist of a central governing body, regional offices and local offices of the State Service. Assumed to be financed activities of the new structure will be at the expense of the state budget, local budgets, self-supporting activities, as well as through funds raised from the sanctions.

"We have at present, Ukraine is absolutely all the elements necessary to establish normal control of the landholder. We have specialists, systems, satellites - do not need a penny of additional funds", - said Sergei Bulygin.
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