In the Donetsk region has declined of construction works

25.08.2010 13:56
Property News | In the Donetsk region has declined of construction works Enterprises and organizations in the first half year 2010 disbursed capital investment of 5 billion USD. (VAT), of which 72% of the investments in fixed capital, the remaining funds spent on capital repairs and investments in intangible assets and other capital costs. Reported by the Department of Statistics in the Donetsk region. Investments in fixed assets decreased in comparison with the I half of last year to 31,4% (in comparable prices) and amounted to 3,6 billion UAH. Among the sources of their funding 85.3% were own funds of enterprises, 5,3% - bank loans, 4.9% - means the population for housing, 1.9% - funds of local budgets, 1,3% - Allocations from state budget , 0,2% - foreign investment.

In the industry directed 58% of all investments in fixed assets. Compared with the I half of 2009 investments of industrial enterprises decreased by 35.4%.

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Investment in housing areas were in the I half 342.4 mln., Or 9.6% of the total. Compared with the I half of last year they increased by 22,1%. The total area entered in the I half of 2010 homes, amounting to 67.8 thousand square meters. meters decreased compared to the same period in 2009 to 8%. A substantial portion (44.5 thousand square meters. Meters, or nearly two-thirds of the regional total) were constructed previously without the proper permits for the construction of private residential farmsteads, commissioning of which was decorated with the beginning of the year in accordance with applicable Ukraine temporarily, taking into operation of such facilities.

During January-July 2010 construction enterprises of contractual outsourcing, as well as enterprises engaged in economic construction method, construction work performed on 1,8 billion UAH. That is less than the January-July last year to 11,4% ( in comparable prices). The share of construction companies, which since the beginning of the year did not work, increased from 17,7% in January-July 2009 to 27% in January-July 2010.

Enterprises engaged in construction of buildings and structures and to ensure the beginning of the year 86,3% of regional volume, reduced volume of construction in comparison with January-July last year to 11,9%. Enterprises engaged in the installation of technical equipment of buildings, lowered performed in January-July volume over the same period last year to 12,5%, they accounted for 8.7% of the regional volume of construction works. Enterprises operating preparing building sites, increase the workload on 2,2%, their share in the regional volume executed during January-July, construction work amounted to 4,8%.
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