In Sevastopol, built a new neighborhood for military families BSF

03.11.2011 10:49
Property News | In Sevastopol, built a new neighborhood for military families BSF In Sevastopol to be built a new neighborhood to live more than two thousand families of servicemen of the Russian Federation Black Sea Fleet, said Sergey Savenko, first deputy head of the Sevastopol City State Administration. "262 hectares will be built up with five-, seven-, nine-storey houses. The first phase - the construction of apartments in 1263, the second stage involves the construction of 800 apartments. It is planned primarily for families of servicemen of the Russian Black Sea fleet, because the construction will be performed at facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Russia ", - said S. Savenkov.

According to first deputy mayor, during the negotiations with Russia on construction of district administration of Sevastopol highlighted the parallel construction of housing and social facilities. Therefore, a detailed plan of the territory designated school for 1,200 students, two kindergartens for 260 seats, a sports complex with gymnasiums, as well as club at 225 seats and communal purpose. Total cell development will be about 460 thousand square meters. m of living space, while the number of the population should increase from 3 to 13 thousand people.

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As stated in the report, a project expected to coastal recreation area with the formation of beach area, provided 50 and 100 meter buffer zones, the zone low-rise buildings, service facilities, parking, a yacht club.

Savenko said that construction will lead Ukrainian developers. Revised detailed plan areas will be submitted again for approval by the Town Planning Board, but is already in the neighborhood is a multistory building, a church, construction of clinics family type.

District will be located at the seat of Marine Regiment, the Black Sea Fleet the Russian Federation.

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