In Russia there will be social housing as there is free privatization

01.07.2011 09:50
Property News | In Russia there will be social housing as there is free privatization In Russia there is no social housing. This opinion was expressed by Chairman of the Committee on Property of the State Duma Viktor Pleskachevsky during a round table of the Association of Russian Builders 'social housing' on Thursday. "Throughout the world social housing - is property that is owned by the municipality and shall be in employment. In Russia, the concept of social housing is distorted and cheap means," - said the deputy.

According to Mr. Pleskachevsky, "while in Russia there is no free privatization and social housing."

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State Duma deputy sees the solution to this problem in stopping the free privatization in Russia. "It also requires a deep market development of housing for rent, joint work in public-private partnership authorities, developers and banks for the construction of social housing" - mount a B. Pleskachevsky.

Also, in his opinion, to control the cost of housing is necessary to take certain measures. "First of all, you can not take deductions from customers on the city's infrastructure. It turns out that every purchaser of housing in Moscow and St. Petersburg Dortmund bought two apartments," - said the deputy.

Also V. Pleskachevsky believes that it is impossible to spur investment demand for housing in the capital, and develop demand for housing for rent. "The world is about 85% of housing - rental housing it. In Moscow, about 50% to buy houses not for their own use and for investment purposes," - said the deputy. 
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