In Odessa actively buying inexpensive apartments

18.02.2010 09:48
In Odessa actively buying inexpensive apartments Residents of Odessa acquire an apartment worth 50-70 thousand dollars.
Told the vice-president of the Association of Realtors, Odessa and Odessa region, Konstantin Novitsky.
According to him, before the crisis, 70% of apartments were bought through a mortgage, and when banks will not lend Odessans began to acquire affordable housing for the available funds.
"Purchase of apartments in new building will only occur if the house is already built, or on the final finishing place of work", - says the manager of the marketing company Research Development Company Oleg Nikiforov, wrote the correspondent.
In February, the real estate market of Odessa recorded the following prices:
Town Kotovskogo: Resale - 1100-1150 $ per sq. m. primary - $ 700-800 per square. m.
Słabodka: Resale - 950-1000 $ per sq. m. primary - 1000-1100 $ per sq. m.
Kdc Tairov: Resale - 1000-1100 $ per sq. m. primary - 1150-1250 $ per sq. m.
Center: Resale - 1250-1350 $ per sq. m. primary - 1700-1800 $ per sq. m.
Fountain: Resale - 1250-1400 $ per sq. m. primary - 1750-1900 $ per sq. m.
As previously reported, 7 to 14 February 2010 at five dollars decline in value of the square in Odessa and Kiev, reaching a percentage of 0,37% and 0,30% respectively. In the capital, she sank do1678 dollars, and in Odessa - up to 1405 dollars.
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