In MinZhKH promised not to take shelter for the debts, and describe the property

25.11.2010 20:05
In MinZhKH promised not to take shelter for the debts, and describe the property The Ministry of Housing does not put the issue of taking away apartment for the debts of the population for housing and communal services. This was stated by Minister for Housing Yuri Hivrich. "But we ask descriptions of the apartment, car, garage and property. But there is no mechanism for the implementation of this property," - he added.

The Minister explained that to take an apartment for municipal debt can only be on the court. At the same time in order to use such a mechanism against defaulters for HCS, must be created emigrant fund for relocation of non-payers, says Case.

"The main thing that people knew that such a possibility (to select an apartment for his debts) is. But this marginal rate, I think, is what we will not go "- he added.

The Minister noted that the draft Housing Code, which is scheduled to make the second reading in Parliament on 2 December, provides for any penalty fees for late payment of utility services.

"Every citizen must now answer - if he gets the service and it is quality, he must pay, and if poor quality - is the scheme of allocation" - said Hivrich.

In addition to provisions for calculating penalties in the draft Housing Code, the ministry registered in the Verkhovna Rada a separate law governing the same problem. The minister explained that if parliament adopts the Housing Code to this provision, the bill would not be necessary.

The size of the penalty, terms of payment of utility services and other details for the collection of fines will be registered in a separate decision of the Cabinet.

According to the Minister, at present time pay for heat 90-91% of the population, for water -95-96%, rents - 93-94%.

Hivrich added that most of the defaulters are not retirees today, while more affluent people of 35-40 years.

The Minister said that the ability to disable specific defaulter from heat, hot water and no garbage disposal. In this case, it is possible to turn off the water and sewer.
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