In Lugansk region will build affordable housing for young people

22.11.2010 14:12
In Lugansk region have already begun construction of affordable housing for young people. This was announced today during a joint media conference, said the chairman of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Volodymyr Pristyuk. "While the proposals for development for young people in this Investment Forum was not observed. But I want to say that we already have their own internal investors, who have mastered the technology of Canadian prefabricated buildings of various configurations. These costs will be very accessible to young people," - explained Vladimir Pristyuk.<br /><br />According to him, the work already being carried out in Perevalsk area. Local leaders have allocated the street for this project.<br /><br />As reported on the official website of the Lugansk regional state administration, the governor also said: "These houses are built very quickly, quickly collected, they have a very low price, and most importantly, affordable. These homes energy efficiency is very good, they are externally and internally meet today's modern standards. "<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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