In Kiev will destroy Rusanovskoye gardens

01.02.2011 16:09
At the session of the Kyiv City Council on Thursday will consider the demolition of part of Rusanovsky gardens, where the need to build Podolsko Resurrection bridge. "The whole project is subject to 259 resettlement sites.

From the owners of the 161 th reached amicable agreement, 70 to relocate to Bykivnia, 59 - in Gorbachihu, 19 have received monetary compensation, the owners of 13 plots will be flat. And 50 were sites in Bykivnia and monetary compensation. The owners of 92 stations have refused compensation offered, writes "Today."

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Once it is decided Kyivrada, evict them in court - and just as the courts will be determined by the size of compensation, "- told us the project author, the head of the Traffic Commission Dmitry Oliynyk. Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration Anatoliy Holubchenko said that this decision is primarily to approve the funding. "Money should be enough to compensate for all" - said Golubchenko.

According to one of the Summer Resident, the majority does not believe that they are given new areas, although some of those whose houses demolished, had already decided his questions: "One neighbor told me that he has already identified a site in Bykivnia and gave the money to build. How much they gave him - I do not know "- she told us. A resident of 25 th Street Victoria said that the houses on streets that are under demolition, looting and fall: "For 2 months, 4-5 robberies - dismantle fences, walls, beat box and make things. Because of this, many live there. But none of us have yielded nothing, and nothing so far have not offered "- she told us.

Recall the construction Podolsky bridge began in December 2003 but since 2007 the work was suspended due to lack of funding. In 2010 passed the first place - was opened in Havana movement of bridges and overpasses from the bridge to the street Naberezhnye Khreshchatytska. Bridge should relieve the "cork" bridges Paton, Metro, Southern and Moscow.
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