In Kharkov, launched the program «Affordable Housing»

24.11.2010 17:32
In Kharkov, launched the program «Affordable Housing» Until the end of the year Kharkiv, which stand in the queue for housing, have the opportunity to purchase an apartment for 70% of its value. This was reported by Director of the Kharkiv Regional Administration of State Fund's Youth Housing Assistance Natalia Alferov. According to her, by order of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction on June 9, 2010 the Fund appointed executor of the program "Affordable Housing". AN Alferov noted that the remaining 30% of housing costs paid by the State.

"Money in the account of the regional fund management already - 9 mln. from under 20 million USD in Kharkiv region. And just yesterday we began to conclude a contract for the purchase of housing. When the ruling came out, I was set up, frankly, skeptical. But we are a lot of people: for more than 20 families have gathered all the documents and even removed the money from deposits ", - said N. Alferov.

She also reported that the cost of 1 sq. km. meters of housing sold under the program is 5 thousand 148 UAH. Those wishing to participate in the program can also take out a bank loan for 20 years at 16% per annum secured by real estate. According to N. Alferov, the bank issues a loan to a maximum of 50% of the value of the collateral.

Consultation has been about 1 thousand families, of which 30 families agreed to participate in the program. Total on housing lists in Kharkiv, according to N. Alferov, are 44 thousand families and 58 thousand - in Kharkov region.

As deputy director of the Kharkov fund management, Alexander Wenzel, eligibility for government support for home buying are people of all ages. State support is provided not more than 21 square meters. m of living space per person and an additional 10.5 square meters. meters per family.

As deputy chairman of the Board of Trust "Zhilstroy-1, Ivan Shevchenko, program participants can purchase apartments in buildings under construction at Pobedy, pr.Traktorostroiteley, pr.Marshala Zhukova, which should be commissioned this year, the newspaper reported The Evening Kharkiv ".
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