In Kharkov, developers are growing like mushrooms

22.07.2010 09:45
Property News | In Kharkov, developers are growing like mushrooms The number of construction companies in the region increases, and with them grows and the number of samostroev has reached the milestone of 1,700 units.

From January to July this year, GASC had to give in Kharkov, 275 licenses for carrying out construction activities, ie, 137 permits, more than was at the end of the first half of 2009. Join the ranks of builders eager as law firms and private individuals - said at a press conference chief inspector GASC in the Kharkiv region, Alexander Maltsev, writes Est.

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During the reporting period, the controlling authority has commissioned 124.2 thousand square meters. m. of housing, with most of their accounts for low-rise building - 61,3%. The remaining 48,000 sq. m. distributed among the high-rise residential buildings. Such performance is attributed to a large number of individual houses, which were built in previous years, but legitimized only now - after the introduction of an amnesty for samostroev.

However, increased and the number of illegally constructed objects, their total to 1700. Moreover, as noted by Alexander Maltsev, owners of about 5% of them to start construction on the sites did not prevent even the lack of land allocations.
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