In Germany, designed a house that sensitively takes care of the elderly

26.12.2010 17:37
Researchers at the German Institute for Integrated Circuits and Systems Fraunhofer developed a prototype "smart" house, which is programmed in such a way as to help its elderly occupants to spend the rest of life with dignity, "according to The house will automatically monitor your heart rate and respiration rate of older people, ensures that all the burners on the stove were turned off, on and off valves to prevent the threat of flooding.

In the bathroom of the house a display with touch screen, which reminds people of the medication, wash your hands or brushing teeth. When you open the door medicine cabinet on a mirror-displayed on the notice just how many pills to take the inhabitants of the house. Clicking one of the icons on the screen leads to a rise in sinks and toilets.

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In addition, in doorways, cranes, switches and carpets of the building located sensors, to monitor any activity of a tenant and make appropriate electronic records.
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