In Dnipropetrovsk City Council took the right to negotiate land issues

01.03.2011 12:02
Property News | In Dnipropetrovsk City Council took the right to negotiate land issues Last year's appeal Dnepropetrovsk developers in the red tape in the commissions of the City Council who claimed city planning and land solutions, did their job. In February, deputies refused the right to participate in the process of issuing approvals for construction, reconstruction and renovation of facilities, delegating to the executive committee. The last session of the City Council ratified a new procedure of registration of title documents for land plots in Dnipropetrovsk, which implies that the control of land issues in the regional center will now be the people of the region governor Alexander Vilkul, writes Business Capital.

Last year the unit handled the Dnepropetrovsk City Hall about 42 thousand complaints of citizens, of whom 29 thousand were somehow related to land issues. Now most of the documents of the municipality will have to serve the department of corporate rights and legal assistance of the City Council (DKPPO), which "leaked" the legal, land administration and management of communal property. Lead the new structure will be designated minion of Governor Alexander Vilkul - Alexandra Velichko.

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Reorganization in the ranks of City Hall explained throughout the country are downsizing officials. At the City Council say that the appearance DKPPO will simplify the consideration of land issues, specialized parliamentary commissions - land and architectural. Previously, all applications of citizens and organizations in the name of the mayor (for registration of rights to plots of the actual placement of facilities and new construction, free land privatization, legitimizing the rights of areas with samostroyami, clearance of land for the installation of small architectural forms and changes to lease parcels) sent in land management. This administration sent copies of the documents in the legal management of the department to ensure the activities of the City Council. And the last - in the land and architectural parliamentary committee. Now all this vigorous activity will be conducted within DKPPO that will reduce the ingress of documents in the commission of the City Council to five days.

In the parliamentary committees also diminished affairs. At the last session of the City Council elected representatives withdrew from the consideration of issues by agreement of new construction and renovation and extension (retrofitting) of existing facilities within the boundaries of land use.

Considering these issues now will be the executive committee of 14 members, of which before the New Year were introduced by the deputy governor Gennadiy Temnik, head Dnieper railway Alexander Momot, the owner of industrial and financial group "Dneprotechservice Alexei Zinoviev and fund manager," Our House - Dnepropetrovsk ( created with the help of major local corporations, "Aleph" Vadim Ermolaev and "Logos" Valery Grog) Igor Tsyrkin somehow associate with the governor of the region.

Alexander Vilkul attention to land and construction problems of the regional center due to local developers who last year complained en masse to the problems with the extension of leases of land or the inability to legally put into operation the largest real estate listings. They did it in public - in the organized construction Congress in Dnipropetrovsk region and Minregionstroya meetings in Kiev. The builders complained about the red tape in the commissions of the City Council last convocation, which under various pretexts to delay the preparation of documents.

As a result, the newly elected deputies forced to limit the power under the pretext that this will facilitate developers and manufacturers to obtain permits for construction and modernization of production, and retailer - to increase the retail space. "The transfer of authority the Board of Deputies impede access to information about the construction of production", - complains about the city council deputy Sergei Vorobyov. However, the contested decision, which some elected officials say controversial, it seems, no one is going.

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