In Crimea, will introduce an electronic register of land violations

01.01.2011 17:45
Property News | In Crimea, will introduce an electronic register of land violations One of the most common types of violations of land laws in Autonomous Republic of Crimea is the adoption of the executive authorities and local self-government misconduct decisions in the sphere of land relations. Reported by the press office of the State Committee of Ukraine. The National Committee for Land Resources of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea for 11 months of this year has sent 857 petitions to local authorities on the abolition of decisions on the allocation of 1,094 hectares of land. 458 of them (in the area of 968 hectares) have been satisfied.

As chairman Reskomzema Alexander shepherds Lawyers Committee made the abolition of 30 orders of Saka and 4 - the Black Sea and the Simferopol district administrations with a total area of 179 hectares.

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In 1942 the prosecutor's office sent the material on which the Crimean land inspectors see signs of crimes. For 12 of them have been prosecuted. This, for example, the illegal granting of land in the territory of the Yusupov Palace and Miskhorsky park, allocation of land in the territory of Yalta reserve.

According to Alexander Chabanova recently Prosecutor's Office initiated two criminal cases concerning the Lenin district administration officials, who "gave out" about 11 hectares of coastal land, monetary valuation which amounts to more than 1.5 million hryvnia.

To prevent and to prevent future violations in the field of land relations, Reskomzem plans to create an electronic cartographic register of violations of land legislation. This resource will unite and organize the results of audits conducted by inspectors of land.
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