In agriculture and forestry seized 450 hectares of land

09.06.2011 14:46
Property News | In agriculture and forestry seized 450 hectares of land Since the beginning of the year from agricultural and forestry production was seized 450 hectares of land. Of these: 412 hectares - farmland, 38 ha - forest land. Reported by the press office of the State Agency of Land Resources. According to the civil service, experts have counted loss of agricultural and forestry production in the sum over 17 mln. This year, the budgets of different levels were replenished by nearly 25 mln. Who arrived in compensation for losses of agricultural and forestry production, says the League.

Total used 18.5 million UAH. Of them on land development for agricultural and forestry purposes - 0,5 mln. For the improvement of agricultural and forestry land - 1,8 mln. On the detailed design of land management land conservation - 2,9 mln.

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For activities on land protection in accordance with the established land management projects use 6 mln., To conduct regulatory monetary valuation of land - 4,1 mln. For separation of state and municipal property - 0, 8 mln., on the inventory of land - 1,5 million UAH., on other activities - 0,9 mln.

At present, balance of $ 581.8 mln. Of them on deposit accounts in banks - 363.5 mln., The special accounts of the respective local councils - 218.3 mln.
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