In a private house in Krasnodar «live» 80 thousand people

02.09.2010 19:48
Property News | In a private house in Krasnodar «live» 80 thousand people The prosecutor's review indicated that in Krasnodar, a private house, which had registered about 80 000 people, the website of regional prosecutor's office. Among the people who, in accordance with the database of the Federal Migration Service of living in this house, there are Russian citizens and foreigners. Documents confirming the right of "residents" for registration, prosecutors have found. The Prosecutor's Office of Krasnodar region has made representation to eliminate violations of the Chief of the Office of the FMS of Russia in Krasnodar Region.

It is worth noting that, according to Housing Code of Russia, the owners of housing can register an unlimited number of people in their address. However, there is a certain area of housing, mounted on one living. Earlier, the Federal Migration Service of the Moscow Regional Duma proposed to tighten the rules for registration of citizens. Officials worried the home near Moscow, which can be registered from 150 to 500 people.
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