Госземагенство of Ukraine creates a cadastral map of the

01.11.2012 09:00
Property News | Госземагенство of Ukraine creates a cadastral map of the Госземагентство of Ukraine is working on the creation of a public duty of the cadastral map of the country, which will be available on the Internet. Informed in the main Department of information policy of the Council of Ministers of the arc.
«On orthophotomaps (pictures from the air) are applied in the border areas, local councils and settlements. In the last turn applied the data of all land plots in settlements. This is done on the basis of the exchange of files (documents on land management in electronic form), which have been tested and introduced in the database of cadastre», - explained the Chairman of the Republican Committee of the arc on land resources Alexander Shepherds.

At the present time at the expense of funds of the State budget of Ukraine is carried out scanning of all scheduled materials on the borders of settlements rural, settlement and urban councils. Also scanned materials of soil surveys. Up to the end of the year the work is scheduled to end. In addition, is scanning all the state acts.

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Chapter Рескомзема also informed about the problems associated with the lack of up to 2007, a unified system of coordinates. Up to this time all exchange files were carried out in the different systems. In addition to the two standard - 42 and 63 years, practically every city has its own local system. This led to the fact, that at the present time, many of the settlements and areas in them are incorrect coordinates.

In Рескомземе reminded that from 2013 will be held new coordinate system «2000». System 42 and 63 years will be transferred automatically. This task Госземагентство plans to solve at the expense of funds of the state Budget. «The problem will manifest. Citizens, by going to the site of January 1, 2013, will be able to see that their sites are not where they are located on the fact», - added Alexander Shepherds and noted that, despite the possible identification of errors, in Госземагенстве sure that an inventory should be put into effect.
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