First deputy chairman of the SMI was appointed Yuri Zots

14.09.2010 11:45
Yuri Zots appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the State Mortgage Institution (SMI) in place of Victor Anohova. The appointment and dismissal Zotsa Y. B. Anohova fixed orders of the Cabinet of Ministers (№ 1805-p-p and 1804, respectively) on September 13, 2010

Yu Zots three times previously appointed as deputy head of the State Treasury. The first time he appointed her president, Leonid Kuchma, in August 2004 and dismissed in November 2005 - President Viktor Yushchenko. The second time he became deputy head of the Treasury in September 2006 with the advent of the Government of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych and served in this position until the end of December 2007, when the new government headed by Yulia Tymoshenko. Third officer was appointed to the same position the government of Yulia Timoshenko in July 2009 and sacked the government Mykola Azarov in July 2010

BIE in the January-June 2010 increased its net profit in 2,3 times in comparison with the similar period of 2009 - up to 17.585 mln.

As reported by the establishment of a system of disclosure of the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market, its net income from sales in the first half declined by 7.12% to $ 101.563 mln.

In 2009, net income SMI decreased 3.41% compared with 2008 - up to 17.742 mln. While net income increased by 30.94% - to 258.59 mln.

SMI was established by the Government of Ukraine in October 2004, the main purpose of its activities is to refinance the primary mortgage lenders by obtaining rights to the mortgages.

The authorized capital of SMI at the end of the second quarter of 2010 amounted to UAH 200 million.

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